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For those with a new and/or deeper interest in astrology there comes a stage after reading daily horoscopes, searching websites, watching YouTube videos and reading commercial astrology books when you start to question how big the matter of astrology really is and begin considering the concepts of astrology in a deeper way.

The CAAE Can Help

Since 1993, the CAAE has established a curriculum of study of the astrological "basics"; first principles, then interpretation, moving into long established predictive methods that cover much of the mainstream of the modern, western astrological tradition. In addition, the CAAE has developed courses for astrological applications that are based on those basics -- courses on relationships, vocation, horary astrology, consulting skills, mathematical techniques, chart rectification, and more.

Please explore our website and discover the format of studying professional Western Astrology here in Canada. We invite you to contact our Board Members and Astrology Teachers with any inquiries and questions you may have.