CAAE Diploma Program - Astrological Consulting - Western Astrology (Dipl.CAAE)

The CAAE diploma program requires completion of 9 subject courses.

Level 1-3 are compulsory courses, approximately 40-45 hours of in-class instruction and 20 hours of individual study. Learning is hands-on both individual and in groups, using in-depth chart delineation.

There are required textbooks and a recommended reading list for each level. The three-hour proctored exams for Level 1 and Math, as well as the Level 2 and 3 take-home exams are offered annually. It is strongly suggested that Level 1 & 2 are completed prerequisites before students move into additional courses of astrological study.

CAAE Certificates for Basic Astrology – Level 1, Intermediate Astrology – Level 2, Advanced Astrology – Level 3 and the Mathematics of Chart Construction are awarded upon successful completion of examinations with a 70% or greater passing mark.

There are no examinations for the elective courses that are required to receive a CAAE Diploma. However, Vocational Astrology, Astrology of Relationships, Chart Rectification, Horary & Electional Astrology and Consulting Skills for Astrologers are elective courses that require students to submit assignments & successfully complete with a minimum 70% passing mark, granted by their astrology teacher and the CAAE.


Prerequisite: none
This course introduces the language of astrology including the signs and planets, elements and modes, essential dignities and sign rulerships, houses, aspects, Sun/Moon/Ascendant blend, chart ruler, chart signature and Moon phases. Students study their own chart as well as those of famous people. The goal is to learn to read and delineate an astrological chart at a basic level.


Prerequisite: CAAE Level 1 or equivalent
CAAE Level II covers focal points or chart standouts, chart patterns, aspect configurations, retrograde planets, interceptions, Moon’s Nodes, Moon Phases, Void of Course Moon, dispositor tree, mutual reception, derivative houses, minor aspects and declinations. Chiron and four major asteroids, as well as fixed stars, are introduced. The goal at this level is to learn comprehensive natal chart delineation and become adept at chart synthesis.

Prerequisite: CAAE Level 2
The goal at this level is to achieve a solid working knowledge of forecasting techniques using secondary progressions, transits, solar arc directions and planetary returns and cycles. Midpoint theory is included. Knowledge of lunations and eclipses, relocation and mundane astrology is also introduced.

Prerequisite: CAAE Level 3

The goal is to learn the skills required for analyzing and identifying the most appropriate occupation or profession. This course includes understanding the differences between vocation and job, the impact of each house, the influence of elements, chart patterns and Gauquelin sectors. Duration is 20-25 classroom hours and 20 hours of independent study with a final assignment required for completion of this course.


Prerequisite: CAAE Level 3


This course examines the potential and key indicators for relationships in the natal chart and teaches skills for identifying dynamics in all types of relationships. Synastry grids and composite charts are covered to explore relationship compatibility. There is a midterm and two final assignments required for completion of this course. Duration is 20-25 classroom hours and 20 hours of independent study.


Prerequisite: CAAE Level 3


This is a 15-20 hour course to learn to calculate a natal chart by hand, including instruction in basic astronomy. Charts are cast using the ephemeris, table of houses, atlas and scientific calculator using a person’s birth data. Other calculations covered include Part of Fortune, Lunar Nodes, Chiron and Vertex.


Prerequisite: CAAE Level 3


The course covers an overview of astrological techniques and solutions to calculate or rectify a person’s birth time by examining past life events and personal characteristics. Different teachers adept in this art and science pass on the basics of their techniques. Duration is 25-30 classroom hours and a final assignment.


Prerequisite: CAAE Level 3


The course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in principles of horary & electional astrology, based on William Lilly’s work. Topics include applying classical astrology rules to the natal chart analysis, answering horary questions and selecting a time for a desired outcome. A required textbook is included. Duration is 20-24 classroom hours and 30 hours of independent study. Students must complete weekly assignments. Two final assignments are required for a successful completion of the course.


Prerequisite: CAAE Level 3


Topics covered include the role of the astrologer/consultant, effective listening, communication and consulting skills, ethics, practical considerations in design & delivery of an effective client session, in-take questions, establishing a contract, counseling vs. consulting, working with clients and building and marketing your practice. Class is 28 hours in duration. The final assignment is a recorded astrological consultation, including a critique of the student’s personal consulting style.


**Courses offered by teachers are contracts between the teacher and the student - The CAAE is not legally or financially responsible for the contracts between teachers and students.**