The CAAE Exam Schedule 2021:

The Level 1 Exam will be held on Saturday May 1, 2021  from 10am - 1pm, this is subject to change, please speak directly to your Level 1 Teacher for more information regarding your exam date and time. 

The Math exam will be held after each courseLocation and time to be announced.

The Level 2 and 3 Exams will be sent out by email at 12:01 am May 1, 2021.  Exams should be returned by 12:01 am May 16, 2021.

Students should receive a Study Guide from their teacher prior to exams.

Membership dues must be up-to-date to register for exam(s)

Registration deadline is April 23, 2021.

If you have any questions, contact Joan Ann (


The Canadian Association for Astrological Education holds professional certification exams annually, during the Spring Season.

When you register to write a CAAE Exam you will receive a Study Guide to support your preparations toward the applicable examination.

Membership to the CAAE is required to write the examinations.


Level 1 Astrology 

Level 2 Astrology  

Level 3 Astrology  

You can register for an exam online using the following link.


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