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CAAE Expresses Our Deepest Sympathy


Joan Gibbins

May 13, 1932 - Jan 15, 2021

We are so sorry to share that Joan Gibbins, founding member of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE), passed away January 15, 2021.

Along with Elaine Pond, Joan founded the CAAE, an organization established in 1993 to provide a structure for the study of astrology by providing courses and examinations.

Originally from the small town of Mcadam in New Brunswick, Joan came to Toronto where she and her husband, Ralph, raised three sons and where Joan pursued a career in psychiatric nursing. With her interest in sports, Joan was also an active volunteer for many years with Tennis Canada.

Joan began her astrological studies over 40 years ago at the Institute for Astrological Studies in Toronto, under Elizabeth Tessier. Immediately after graduating from there, she moved into teaching and sharing her knowledge for her passion, astrology.

Joan’s determination and drive plus vision of setting up a Canadian educational organization back in 1993 has been the backbone and starting point for many astrology students and professional astrologers alike.

Our astrological community has suffered a great loss. We all will be forever grateful for Joan’s contribution to Canadian astrology.

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President's Message


 March 13, 2021

 The AGM (Annual General Meeting) was held on Zoom on Sunday, February 28 at 3:00 pm.   The current board positions are listed below.  I would like to thank the board member for their unique contributions.

Robin Armstrong was guest speaker at the AGM Meeting.  Robin reminded us of some basic Astrology Themes. 

Board Positions:

        Joan Ann Evelyn – President

        Lina Grosso – Secretary

        Nicole Kujtan replaced Carrol Lang as Treasurer

Appointed board positions are as follows:

        Kate Preston – Registrar and Website Coordinator

        Alison Price – Editor of the Newsletter “Ideas:

        Janet Markham – Educational Consultant

        Melanie Joy Haslam – Contact for Facebook

        Rob Shaw – Twitter and Instagram

        Cynthia Morris – Membership Chair

        Emily Lang – Proof Reader of Ideas

        Vanessa Jay – takes care of the CAAE’s Books

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered to take on new board positions. 

If you enjoy writing articles, Alison needs more people to make contributions to the Ideas Newsletter.

Since Astrologer Rob Shaw has extensive marketing expertise, we are happy to welcome him to the CAAE Board. 

Exams will be held on May 1, 2021:

The Level 1 Exam will be held on May 1, 2021.  Locations for the level 1 Exams will be announced.  The Level 2 and 3 Take Home Exams will be emailed after midnight May 1 and should be returned by midnight, (12:01AM May 16).  Membership dues must be up-to-date to register for the exam(s).  If you do not have a Study Guide for the level 1, 2 or 3 exam you are writing, email and ask for one.  Examining the Study Guide(s) at each level is a great way to prepare for the exam(s). 

All current information about the exams is on the website:

Elective Courses:  Teachers should make sure that anyone taking their elective courses are registered members with CAAE.

Deadline to Register for Exams is April 23, 2021: 

Get in touch with the Registrar Catherine Preston ( if you have any questions regarding exam registration.  Information about registration is published on the Examination Page of the website (


There is much to do, but every year CAAE gains new momentum.  We will continue to improve the diploma program.  Janet Markham teaches five of the electives (Vocational, Relationships, Mathematics of Chart Construction, Rectification and Consulting Skills).  Alison Price and Melanie Joy also teach the Relationship Course.  Milada Sakic in in charge of Horary Astrology.  The prerequisite for taking elective classes is passing Levels 1, 2 and 3 Exams with a mark of 70% or more.  Once you have completed the certification for levels (1, 2 and 3) and passed the elective courses, you will receive a CAAE Diploma.  When you receive your diploma, you can either teach Astrology or open a consulting practice, or do both.

How the Saturn (status quo) square to Uranus (sudden change) will affect the CAAE Birth Chart

On February 17, CAAE experienced the first square between Saturn and Uranus.  These events happen every twenty-two years.  These planets have completely different energies, Saturn maintains the status quo, while Uranus brings change and chaos to whatever needs changing.  These two planets will square again on June 14 and December 24, this year.  The sqyare between the two planets fall in CAAE’s house of the home (4 degrees of Aquarius on the Cusp of CAAE’s fourth house of the home) and 28 degrees of Aries is on the Cusp of CAAE’s 7th house of one-to-one relationships).  This year, nothing will stay the same, we must get rid of the old, and embrace the new.  If certain elements of CAAE’s life have become obsolete, we must be prepared to make changes.  Our comfortable realities will be challenged by other people, or by circumstances, or long suppressed tensions held within.  During this tense and anxious cycle, relationships go through a period of readjustment.  We should not take unnecessary risks but, on the positive side, we must open up to new ideas, beliefs, goals, people and interests.  Saturn and Uranus will help up to clear out any elements of the organization that are no longer working.  This will give us a chance to rebuild based on the Aquarian concepts of freedom, inclusivity and individuality.  The best way to handle this Saturn/Uranus energy is to go with the flow.  We may not get a full picture of what this all means to CAAE until after the third Saturn/Uranus Square in December 2021

CAAE will experience its first Saturn Return (28 degrees of Aquarius) at the end of next year. . Share your concerns with us.  Help up to build a better association.    

Check your own birth charts to see how this square affects the houses in your birth chart and the planets you have that are connected to it.  The saying “The only constant is change” certainly applies to the year 2021. 

I wish each of you great success with your courses and exams.  Looking at the world through Astrological Eyes sure make a lot of sense these days.

Joan Ann

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