emily layng

Accredited Astrologer, Dip CAAE New Dundee Ontario emilylayng@gmail.com

I started my astrological journey in 1995, studying with the CAAE in Waterloo, Ontario.

In 2005, I started my my own practice, and quickly realized the the jargon used by astrologers is not easily understood by clients.

This series is based my own experience deconstructing the language of Astrology to make it more accessible, bringing the chart to life, and opening the door for true communication between client and astrologer.

The Learning to Fly series complements Levels 2 and 3, as taught by the CAAE. This on-going series provides practice with natal and predictive techniques, and an opportunity to find and develop your own voice.

Types of Astrology Courses Offered

I have developed a companion series that complements Levels 2 and 3 in the CAAE curriculum. The series, Learning to Fly, helps a new astrologer find their voice and communicate effectively with a client.

The class is open-ended, and explores chart delineation, deciphering and presenting your chart analysis in a language that is accessible to the client while remaining true to the meanings of each component.

Each session provides an opportunity for a new astrologer to define their own unique style and approach to chart interpretation.

As you learn to blend your knowledge with your insight and intuition, you can uplift and inspire your clients to live the more positive expression of their chart, in effect, teaching them to fly, even as you find your own wings.