Jennifer Ng

Dipl. I.A.A. (NCGR level III equivalency & ISAR affiliated) Ontario, Canada

Jennifer practices a blend of traditional & modern Western astrology, as well as Chinese Four Pillars Astrology & Feng Shui.  She holds a professional astrology diploma from The International Academy of Astrology (IAA) and is also an instructor at IAA, and holds an STA Horary practioner’s certificate, and studied with now retired Feng Shui/Four Pillars Master David Lee (Toronto/HK).  She is also interested in FNMI star systems, Mayan astrology and astrological research with The Astroinvestigators. She is a the new 2021 co-VP of ATI, and a current member of AFA, AFAN, ISAR, NCGR, & OPA as well as CAAE.  

Method of Delivery

Online, Via Zoom

Small groups: no more than 3 students

Private sessions are also available

Types of Astrology Courses Offered

Level 1 – Beginning Astrology, Foundations and Natal Chart Interpretations

Level 2 – Intermediate Astrology, Continuing Natal Chart Interpretations (Solar Return, Progression, Timing, Synastry)

Level 3 – Advanced, Forecasting Interpretations (Horary, Locational)