Astrologer Brampton, Ontario

Aligning her clients toward deeper insight since 2009, Reagan's unique style contains a special blending of ASTROLOGY data and PERSONHOOD principals that enhance understanding of life cycles, the personal self and consideration of others. Reagan's astrological consulting & classes act as a catalyst for smooth & up-lifting change that is sure to touch the intangible yet soul driven urges that compel the human condition.

Reagan was introduced to astrology by her mother and has been actively listening, learning and reading about astrology since the age of five. She began professional studies with the CAAE in the year 2000 and has studied under one of the founding members, Joan Gibbins. She is an appointed board member of the CAAE, a member of Astrology Toronto (ATI) and the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR). Reagan attends professional astrology conferences internationally and continues to build her accreditations in the astrological field of study.

Reagan works with many diverse people and remains committed to her two beloved passions; Astrology & The Arts, as both disciplines ignite her intuitive & innovative process. She participates in many creative economy events and stays actively connected to global culture via the world wide web.


Method of Delivery

  • Group & Private Classes, on location in Brampton, Ontario
  • via Skype

Types of Astrology Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Your Personal Cosmic DNA - 6 week course
  • Introduction to Astrology, Level One - 8 week course
  • Orientation to Astrology, Level Two - 8 week course