Shannon Cunningham

Accredited Astrologer, Dip CAAE East York, Ontario

I am an astrology teacher having earned my Astrology Diploma though the Canadian Association for Astrological Education in 2009.  Formerly Vice President of the CAAE, I have served as a Board Member for over a decade and for the last number of years, our home has functioned as unofficial CAAE headquarters, hosting board meetings, AGM's and annual gatherings. Trust me when I say, there is nothing quite as colourful as a roomful of astrologers!  

I am originally from small-town Nova Scotia and I attended University in Halifax where I studied Journalism at The University of Kings College and completed my BA in Theatre at Dalhousie University. Having completed advanced levels in both piano and voice through the Royal Conservatory of Music, I have taught voice, piano and theatre. I’ve also received training in transpersonal psychology from the Psychosynthesis Institute in CA and am qualified as a Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation. Over the years, I’ve worked as an actor, musician, teacher, counsellor, tour guide, bartender, server and fine dining restaurant manager. Recently, I refreshed my Standard First Aid and CPR Training so if something happens to you while you are in my class- I can save your life!   

 Astrology is my greatest passion because I never stop learning and being amazed by the subject. What I truly love about astrology is that it provides me with insights into what makes us humans who we are and this helps me to be a more tolerant and accepting person. In my teaching, I endeavour to inspire as I have been inspired. There are so many wonderful teachers I have learned from through the CAAE, and I would like to give a special nod to Janet Markham who was a founding member of the organization and who has been my treasured mentor for many years. 

I typically teach classes from my home as I prefer to do things in person whenever possible but I understand that times are changing and I should be open to more convenient systems like Skype, Zoom and (shudder) FaceTime. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail to inquire about upcoming classes and to see if I have made it out of my cave into the wonderful world of video conferencing.

Method of Delivery

In class Greenwood and Danforth area.

Types of Astrology Courses Offered

  • CAAE Level 1
  • CAAE Level 2
  • CAAE Level 3
  • Counselling and Ethics
  • The Astrology of Relationships