Bryan Trussler

Accredited Astrologer, Dip. CAAE Kitchener, Ontario

Bryan holds two degrees from Wilfrid Laurier University: a double-honours B.A. in History and Religion & Culture and an M.A. in Religion & Culture. His graduate thesis was the translation of a twelfth-century Latin manuscript treatise about love written by one of the leaders of the Crusades.

Astrology chose Bryan in the late 1980s but he incubated it for a long time before doing anything with it. He began with Taoist Chinese Astrology and he still considers that to be his first passion. Western astrology came later. Bryan enrolled in the CAAE program the second year of its existence and began teaching astrology in the mid 1990s. He has been a fixture at Canadian conferences for nearly twenty years and has lectured in both Canada and the United States. He has been published in both The Mountain Astrologer and in the ISAR journal The International Astrologer.


Method of Delivery

  • In Class
  • via SKYPE

Types of Astrology Courses Offered

Foundations in Astrology, Parts A/B
Everything the budding astrologer needs for advancement in the CAAE curriculum and then some. We cover the signs, houses, planets, aspects and the rudiments of how to put them all together into something coherent. The focus is on absorbing the symbolic language of astrology and learning to think in symbols and archetypes.

Explorations in Astrology, Parts A/B
Building on the foundations from Level I, this course expands into delineation in all directions. We scoop up the minor objects of the solar system like asteroids and centaurs and bring them into consideration. We learn about the motion of the Moon and begin to use it as a model or paradigm for understanding the larger cycles. Eventually we settle into consideration of aspects, aspect configurations and chart pattern types.

Advanced Predictive Astrology, Parts A/B
At last the tense shifts from what Is to what May Be when natal charts get dragged into the future by a variety of predictive tools and techniques. Part A covers Transits and Return charts, especially Solar Returns and Saturn Returns, which both represent movement in real time. Part B covers Progressions and Directions, which both are calculated by the “special time” peculiar to astrology.

Relationship Astrology
Evaluating relationships and natal potentials for relationship in general is a necessary skill for any practising astrologer. Love, in all its forms of abundance and dysfunction, whether elusive or lasting, is an inescapable topic in any counselling situation.


Minimalist Astrology
This is an intensive for students who already have a good grounding in the mechanics of reading charts but who are having trouble stepping up the pace of mental processing. We go deep with the basics -- this is about putting more thought into the simple things that carry the greatest weight, about filtering out chart noise to get at the strongest signals.