Robin Armstrong

Accredited Astrologer: Dip CAAE & PAI Etobicoke, Ontario, Facebook

“Astrology is wonderful language and I have always been aspiring to improve my astrological literacy in as many ways or dimensions as possible.” … Robin

Robin Armstrong, has been a professional astrologer since 1970. He has a CAAE diploma. He is an international speaker and is well known for radio and televisions shows across USA & Canada. Robin’s Zodiac Predictions have been read by millions on his websites, and on Sympatico. Both Robin and the RASA School of Astrology have been accredited by PAI (Professional Astrologers Inc.). He has taught astrology since 1973. Recently Robin has had several trips to China giving workshops and presently maintains a two year biweekly webinar in China. He has been active in the founding of several astrology organizations and has championed the formation of astrological libraries (IAO Research Library of Divine Sciences, Parapsychology and the Healing Arts; Project Alexandria (AFAN); the Star Centre Astrology Library and presently digital libraries). Robin has authored and edited numerous books and journals; designed and built the Celestial Harp (a 72 stringed musical instrument to play a person’s horoscope); and recently Robin completed the construction of Forest Woodhenge (a woodhenge of 126 posts). Robin’s recent books include: ‘Moon Phases’, ‘200 Year Monthly Ephemeris 1900 – 2099’, ‘I Ching: The Sequence of Change, An Astrological Perspective’ and ‘I Ching: The Great Treatise, An Astrological Perspective. Robin currently has memberships in: CAAE, ATI, AA, FAA, AFAN, ISAR, and NCGR.

Robin’s classes are exciting and he makes astrology easy and fun to learn.

There is also a RASA scholarship program available whereby a student can home-study for free.

Robin is available for personal consultations (via Zoom or phone or skype) and his classes can be ordered from his website: or or 

Method of Delivery

Home study. Links are set to download the courses as mp4 video files and jpg for graphics and text.

Types of Astrology Courses Offered

Level 1: Foundations of Astrology: A 9 week beginners class:  The nature of astrology and its basic symbols, Pattern Types, Moon Phases, Signs of the Zodiac, Astrological Houses, Planets,  and Aspects.

Level 2: Planets in Zodiac Signs,

Level 3: Planets in Houses,

Level 4: Planets in Aspect,

Level 5: Natal Interpretation,

Level 6: Astrological Timings: Transits,

Level 7: Astrology in Action: Transit Cases Studies,

Level 8: Deeper Considerations,

Level 9: Secondary Progressions

Level 10: Advanced Timings: Case Studies using transits and progressions.

Greater description available at

Many other workshops on subjects like: degrees, stars, declination, colour, music, southern hemispher horoscopes, I Ching and Astorlogy, and numerous others.

3 Special videos on spiritual aspects of astrology are at   In the library menu go to Videos.

Many of my classes are on youtube