Laurie Dixon

Certified Astrologer 251 Main Street, Gravenhurst, Ontario P1P 1K1 Under construction

I was born on a summers eve at 7:30 pm EDT (A)  in Chicoutimi, Quebec. My birth time is from my mother’s memory and having personally checked the time with my life experiences have found this time to work very well and therefore consider it accurate.                                      I presently have a full time career being the owner of an international freight forwarding company, (Sagittarius ASC, Neptune (ocean freight) conjunct the MC, Mars in Capricorn in the 1st) and spend as much spare time as I can in the art of astrology as a second career (Mercury and Uranus conjunct).  I started my study of this heavenly art in 1985 as a hobby and have progressed today to erecting Electional charts and Horary interpretation.  My goal is to one day share my knowledge and respect for the art of astrology through teaching.

April 1995 to Present: Monthly meetings with Astrology colleagues for casual discussion and continued learning.

June 19, 1993:   Certificate C.A.A.E.   Level I

June 25, 1994:   Certificate C.A.A.E.   Level II

June 26, 1999:   Certificate C.A.A.E.   Level III

Sep 1994 to Mar 1995: Delineation & Trending – Final term, Advanced StudentsTeacher:  Joan Gibbins, Burnamthorpe Collegiate Institute

Sep 1993 to May 1994:           Relationship, Synastry, Composites, 3rd Year, Intermediate Students.               Teacher:  Joan Gibbins, Burnamthorpe Collegiate Institute  

Jan 1993 to May 1993:  Progressions, Solar Arcs, Solar Returns, 2nd Year, Intermediate Students.           Teacher:  Joan Gibbins, Burnamthorpe Collegiate Institute  

1991: Purchased Apple computer & Time Cycles Software.

( 2 ) Beginners Astrology: Teacher:  Ron Greening, Northern Secondary School, Toronto

Oct. 1984 _ Astrolgy I

Jan. 1985 – Astrolgy II

Oct. 1985 – Astrolgy III


June 12-14, 2015: Deborah Houlding

Power of Combustion, Horary, Electional Astrology

June 25, 1994: Joan McEvers

Solar / Lunar Returns,  Prosperity Planets:  Venus & Jupiter

June 19, 1993: Robert Hand Renaissance Astrology

Member:  Astrology Toronto:  1986, 1992 to 1998



I am currently in the process of developing my Website for Electional Astrology