Tamira McGillivray

Professional Astrologer/Teacher (Astrology & Meditation) Dartmouth, Nova Scotia astro@tamira.ca

Although I have been a student of astrology for many years, it was not until I started working toward a BA in Astrological studies in 2003 that I became passionate about embracing ancient material.  This provided a valuable platform to take my astrological understanding to deeper levels and apply them to modern concerns. 

As a dedicated instructor and professional astrologer I enjoy encouraging others to follow their passion and take their studies and practice to a new level.

Teaching Experience

*   Holds a BA in East West Traditions – Astrological Studies 

(4 year degree program Kepler College)

*      Professional Astrologer & Teacher

  • Kepler College Teacher – 4 years

                Foundational Core W101 and Local Space and Remedial Measures

*      Writes a Monthly Astro Column “Navigating by the Stars” for the General Public in an on-line Vancouver publication called Nourish Magazine.