Annick Rousseau

Certified Astroleger Lyndhurst, Ontario

Annick had spent 30 years in International Trade customer services.  Observing and trying to understand her mother through the years of illness, made her think that illness could be a body expression of emotional pattern.  So this is how she first became interested in Astrology, in order to understand the mechanism of patterns.

In 1998 she completed a 4 level years in advanced astrology course with Diane Houle (Montreal).   She continued to studying astrology by following training sessions in Canada and United States.

With her curiosity and passionate personality, she also get familiar with Feng Shui, Numerology, Tarot and Pendulum.

Annick will guide you to explore your own live through Astrology. unlike a psychic, Annick works with people's birth charts.  Birth charts reveal our strengths, talents and weaknesses. 

Annick does consulting and gives keynote presentations and workshops on Astrology to clubs and groups,including consulting for animal breeders.

Annick is bi-lingual and looks forward to sharing this knowledge with new astrology students.