Debra Stapleton

Accredited Astrologer ISAR CAP Montreal, Canada @dsuede Facebook


With a 20+ year interest in Astrology, Debbie has explored many branches of this ancient art, including Indian, Hellenistic, Medieval, Medical and Esoteric Astrology She takes a holistic approach to her consultations and teaching, demonstrating how the alchemical maxim of “as above, so below” can be understood though astrology’s potential to connect us with the cycles and elements of nature, and ultimately the cosmos. Her astrological painting expresses an intimate visual and meditative connection with planetary energies, and has appeared in horoscopecom. Debbie takes a grounded, relatable, healing, and often humorous approach to bring astrology alive for her clients and students.


·         Certified Yoga Teacher and Community Herbalist

·         ISAR CAP (includes consulting skills + ethics)

·         CAAE Level 3

·         ongoing study, self directed and with various teachers on traditional + esoteric astrology


Method of Delivery

Local and online workshops + one to one mentoring

Types of Astrology Courses Offered

·         CAAE Level 1+2 content

·         astrology and it’s holistic applications

·         *all classes are taught in English