Victor Velasquez

Accredited Astrologer Montréal, Québec

Victor started studying Astrology in the year 2000 when he was only 19 years old. He studied the basic, intermediate and advance levels with astrologer Luis Lesur in Monterrey, Mexico.

Hi has a Bac in Marketing and a Certificate in Visual Arts and he has been insterested in Astrology since he was a kid. His main interest is to develop the creative side of Astrology and use it as a tool to inspire the lives of people and help them understand themselves better and restore the connection we have always had with the cosmos and the planetary cycles.

He is very active in social media and he has published different articles on blogs, videos on YouTube and he is the admin of « Carta Astral » on facebook, an astrological community for spanish speakers. He is currently working on a creative project on Instagram that is being used as a media for showing pictures and poetic writings that are based on the Solar Sign of the moment.

Victor has achieved CAAE’s Level 2 certification and he is teaching part time, tutoring students along the CAAE Certification Program, organizing AstroMeetups in Montreal and he mantains and active consulting practice.

Courses in English & Spanish

Instagram : viccux