Jennifer Fukushima

Accredited Astrologer Toronto. Ontario

Jennifer Fukushima has been a student of astrology since 2004.  She has studied under Julie Simmons and also earned her NCGR-PAA Level 2 (soon to be Level 3).  In 2018 she began reading for clients and has recently created a line of astrological art prints. Jennifer spent the first 17 years of her career as an ethical fashion designer, her line was carried in stores across Canada.  She is now studying psychotherapy and astrology with interest in both modern and traditional techniques.  She began serving on the Astrology Toronto board as secretary in 2018 and is now president.  She is looking forward to continuing her work in the astrological community and hopes to someday teach in order to inspire the next generation of astrologers.  Jenn likes birds, cycling, music, textiles and going to the beach.